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Andy and Sonny surveying their world
Andy and Sonny surveying their world

Welcome to Walks by George! Napa Dog Walking and Pet Care Services. We’re Irene and George Yesowitch. We have a lot of experience with Dog Walking and taking care of dogs and cats having had animals most of our lives and helping friends and relatives with their animals. We are mostly a Dog Walking service that is customer focused and wants to offer a wide range of services to you besides walking your dog. These will include helping out while you’re traveling. While you travel we can walk the dogs, of course, bring in your paper, take out the garbage, set the lights at night for a lived in look, water your plants and go shopping for your dinner so you can have food for the night you get back and the breakfast afterward. We can also take a pet to your Veterinarian, wash your dog at Pet Food Express or elsewhere, come over to sit with a sick pet, etc.

Irene and I recently moved back to Napa. We sold our home of 6 years on Coombs Street in 2013. We wanted to come back because of the beautiful and full life that Napa allows away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Bay Area. We have two Westies, Andy and Sonny that are 10 years old and from the same litter. We’ve had the little guys from 7 weeks old. Call us up to say hello and get a free visit to discuss your Dog Walking and Pet Care needs.    

As the company grows we intend to add dog walkers with prior experience. Our dog walkers will all be Senior Citizens from the Napa area. After giving them our training course in handling dogs and other training we will have them help with dog walking and other pet care services. All dog walkers from Walks By George! will be trained and insured.  

The Hard Facts: * Licensed with the City of Napa #1622202. * Insured Mourer-Foster, Inc./Kennel Pro. Dog First Aid Certificate * Dog CPR Certificate * Excellent references. 

  • George Yesowitch
  • 707-339-3553
  • George@WalksByGeorge.com

We support SPCA.